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Evaluating Green Builders Washington DC

You are in the process of evaluating green builders. Washington DC area home owners like yourself want to improve living conditions, protect the environment, cut energy costs and increase return on investment when you decide to sell down the road. You have decided creating an eco-friendly home, whether custom built or through a substantial home renovation, is one of the best approaches to having the most healthy and valuable home. So what should you be looking for in green builders?

Washington DC home owners may want to consider the responses to some of these questions when making decisions about their building partner:

  • What is the contractor’s green building philosophy or principles?
  • Does the custom builder Washington DC have recognized certifications?
  • How much of their custom build and remodeling work has incorporated green building practices?
  • What type of materials do they recommend?
  • Can they help you identify and source the best green materials?
  • What are their recommendations for energy efficiency?
  • What do they know about tax and funding incentives to help you with some costs?
  • How do they achieve balance between beauty and function?
  • What do their clients say about their new green renovations or custom build?

Many custom home builders and remodeling contractors will have information about this on their websites, but it’s always good to hear what contractors and clients have to say directly. Additionally, you’ll want assurances that they can help you understand how to care for materials and how products work to maximize the benefits they provide.

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