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About Chryssa and Jake with Hanlon Build

About Chryssa Wolfe with Hanlon Design Build

Chryssa Wolf

Chryssa Wolfe

Chryssa Wolfe is an artist who has been building and renovating homes for almost 40 years. She approaches the design of every home, whether new construction or a complex renovation, through the eyes of an artist. Lines, spaces, colors and perspective play prominently in her work.

A native Washingtonian, Chryssa studied art in college and soon found herself admiring the art and architecture of classic Washington homes. She began immersing herself in the restoration of these historic treasures and eventually studied construction so she could ensure quality, authenticity and attention to detail in every one of her projects.

Over time, she began using her talents to design new homes as well. Today, whether through a one-of-a-kind renovation or a stunning new home, her signature style makes a “Chryssa Wolfe home” one of our area’s most sought-after designations.

Watch Chryssa on Voice of America

Jake Hanlon

Jake Hanlon

Jake Hanlon is an engineer with a passion for precision. He has been building homes for more than 30 years, using his knowledge of structural engineering, mechanical system design, waterproofing technology and the latest advances in green building techniques to create homes that are as beautiful as they are structurally sound.

Over the course of his career, Jake has chosen to work with the D.C. area’s best architects, craftsmen and tradesmen. They know that when they work with Chryssa Wolfe with Hanlon Design Build, the expectations are high and the tolerance for excuses is low. Jake demands painstaking attention to detail in all the homes that bear his name.

A 1989 graduate of the University of Maryland with a bachelor of science degree in engineering, Jake never stops learning and is committed to employing state-of-the-art materials and building techniques in the construction of Chryssa Wolfe with Hanlon Design Build homes.

Client Testimonials

“We thought building the house of our dreams was the stuff of fairy tales until we met Chryssa Wolfe and her impressive team.”

“The space, functionality and flare — we certainly got a Chryssa Wolfe home and we love to show it off all the time.”

Chryssa on Voice of America

In this video, Chryssa Wolfe, a Washington area business woman is enjoying a fulfilling — and lucrative — career as an artist and a home builder. VOA’s Julie Taboh caught up with the busy entrepreneur to find out how she has achieved success, especially in the male-dominated construction business.