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Benefits of Hiring a Design Build Contractor

By . July 17th, 2014. Posted in custom builders, Washington DC

One approach for building the home of your dreams is to obtain the design and construction services from a single entity known as a design-build contractor. Washington DC clients often choose this design-build approach because it provides a single point of responsibility in the contract to reduce risks and overall costs.

Some benefits of the approach:

  • With the design-build contractor approach, designer and builder are able to work together to create the best and most build plans for construction. There should be no ambiguity or interpretation of plans needed.
  • Overlap of design and construction can reduce the overall schedule to deliver a home in shorter period of time – especially more challenging projects. If any problems come up during construction, builder and designer can usually resolve more quickly than split teams.
  • With the flexibility in design and construction possible with a design-build contractor, Washington DC clients can get more scope for the money, with greater innovations and better results in the final delivery.
  • Projects are more likely to hold closer to the estimated budget because designer and builder work in synch through each phase of the project.

As with any home building project, establishing project goals at the beginning is critical to the overall success and end results. If goals are in conflict with each other, the client can count on the best solutions from the design-build contractor. Washington DC is a great place to build a home and you want the best team working together to have your dream realized.

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