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Smart Bathroom Remodeling in Washington DC

By . September 22nd, 2014. Posted in Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling in Washington DC can be so satisfying, especially when it’s complete. If you have been living with a mostly utilitarian bathroom, you can’t know the joy of a freshly renovated space designed to your tastes and habits. To minimize snags and extra costs during the project, follow these simple tips from Hanlon Design Build contractors in Washington DC to make sure you get it right.

Changing the layout of the bathroom can be expensive if you have to move the plumbing. Sometimes one of the biggest problems with a bathroom is its layout. The sink’s in the wrong place or the toilet. Moving plumbing is expensive, however, so if don’t have to rearrange the entire structure of the bathroom that’s a good thing. Doing so can add to both the duration and cost of your project. Talk to Hanlon Design Build contractors about the best layouts to maximize current plumbing infrastructure.

The suppliers’ delivery times rules. Custom materials and fixtures such as tiling, vanities, lighting fixtures and high-tech or custom-sized showers are often hard to get and have contributed to the delay of many a bathroom remodeling project in Washington DC. The best practice is to choose these items early in the project and begin demolition on the old bathroom only when the materials are on hand.

Bring in natural light with sun tunnels or skylights. This is the time to consider lighting and ways to bring in more light and air. Sun tunnels and skylights are getting more sophisticated. They are designed better and also more high-tech. You can buy skylights that open to allow in fresh air and close automatically using rain sensors that detect when a storm comes along.

Consider universal design for all ages. Walk-in showers and tubs make it easy for little ones or the aged to bathe easily. Grab bars, which have rightfully had a bad reputation, are now available in many unique designs and finishes that coordinate with all your other fancy fixtures. Whatever you do, think long-term for aging in place.

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