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Can a New Build Be An Ecofriendly Home in Washington DC?

Older DC homes come with loads of charm but new homes built from scratch can often be more ecofriendly homes. NW Washington DC residents or newcomers to the area can have some historic that feel established in new design without taking on some of the challenges retrofitting a home to be more environmentally sound within green practices suggested for homes.

It Starts With Green Building Materials

When you build a new home, all of the materials can be evaluated for their green value. Together with your design build contractor, Washington DC clients can select from the most sustainable materials on the market.  If you love the look of wooden floors, perhaps you will consider bamboo (once widely used in new buildings in DC) because of its availability, durability and that it takes less than a year to grow to a useful size. Trees can take hundreds of years to mature. You can also used reclaimed wood, such as from old barns, and other features from architectural salvage. Green materials also are treated differently, staying away from carcinogenic chemicals once used in older home materials. Additionally lead paint and asbestos abatement is required in DC’s older homes.  Many new options means that you know what’s in your materials and your new home can be healthier and ecofriendly from the start.

Conservation and Energy Efficiency

We never met an older house that wasn’t drafty, leaky and inefficient. Most old homes are poorly insulated and sealed. Windows are porous and don’t close properly. Heating and cooling systems are not right-sized to the house. These homes have leaky plumbing or old pipes that leach chemicals into the water. With newer homes, again you can choose from the most energy efficient windows, HVAC systems, home insulation, and water conserving plumbing and fixtures.

Many of these things mentioned can of course be ameliorated and retrofitted in older homes, but these can be complicated and expensive ventures. Starting from scratch from the outset guarantees ecofriendly homes. NW Washington DC clients – whether renovating or building a new home – can count on the best guidance and support from Hanlon Design Build of Washington DC in going green.

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