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Back To Basics In Your Bedroom

By . March 20th, 2012. Posted in custom remodeling

At the end of the day, nothing says comfort, relaxation and a private sanctuary like your luxury, custom master bedroom. Your Foxhall Road Washington DC home is unlike any others, as it is your — you have taken the time to personalize each room, carefully thought-out each detail of the kitchen, living room, guest bathrooms and even the entertainment room; but what about your master bedroom?

More than just a place to lay your head on a pillow at night, your NW DC bedroom is the one place you can get away without outside intrusions and irritations. Rightly so, you should just as much thought into this “private” area of your home as you would into any “public” area of your Wesley Heights Washington DC luxury home.

Keep these tips from Chryssa Wolfe, our on-staff designer, at the forefront of your mind when designing and decorating your master bedroom, and you are sure to enjoy the result and relax in never-before-known comfort.

  • Never include office equipment in your master bedroom. Remember, this room is the one room of the house where your workday is done. Your bedroom is for enjoyment and relaxation, not work and stress. If you absolutely must have access to your work equipment, make sure it’s portable (such as a laptop) and can be stowed away when your last-minute email is sent.
  • Choose an appropriate bed. Not only is the bed often the focal point of the master bedroom, it also is the one splurge item you should never ignore. More than just a mattress and sheets, your bed should be the epitome of relaxation for you. Investing in high-quality sheets to cover the mattress is also worth the extra money. The softness of a high-quality thread count sheet will make you appreciate every moment in your custom, luxury master bedroom even more.
  • Select color palettes that are soothing and comforting rather than jolting and excitement-driven. Soft blues, greens and browns are comforting colors, whereas bright colors like red, yellow and primary green have the opposite impact.

For more information and design tips on creating the perfect master bedroom getaway for your NW DC home, contact Hanlon Design Build today.

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