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Green Renovations Are About More Than Just A Color

By . March 14th, 2012. Posted in custom remodeling

Remodeling your luxury home in the NW DC or Palisades Washington DC area provides you with the opportunity to make a difference. Not only in your living space and comfort level, but also on the environmental impact you personally make. Thinking about ways to “go green” in your remodeling efforts should begin with choosing a design build contractor that specializes in eco-friendly building practices. The “green” elements can focus on the building practices and construction materials alone, or you can go all-out and  include environmentally friendly furnishings as well.

Discuss everything with your contractors, including what to do with the materials you are removing. For example, when remodeling your the bathroom in your McLean VA home, rather than simply throwing the old vanity and toilet in the dumpster, consider donating it to a worthwhile cause. Habitat For Humanity operates several Restore locations, in fact, locations are available in Alexandria, VA and Chantilly, VA for your convenience. Not only will you keep the materials out of the landfills, you also provide others the opportunity to purchase quality merchandise at a reduced rate, and the proceeds help a great program. This is a great opportunity to take green remodeling to another level.

Consider other ways to reuse materials in your home in different ways. Rather than demolishing the brick fireplace in your living room, why not re-purpose it into a brick path in the backyard? Again, using existing materials for other projects is an excellent way to consider the environment when remodeling your custom luxury home.

Choosing to lead environmentally friendlier lives does require dedication, and at times, a greater expense. But when you work with qualified and experienced design build contractors like our team at Hanlon Design Build, we will happily walk you through the process and help you make the tough decisions when needed. Give us a call and learn more about how we can help you reduce your environmental impact.



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