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Considerations For Custom Home Additions In Washington DC

Employing the talents of a design build contractor team for your custom, luxury home addition in NW DC is the best approach a homeowner can take. An experienced design build team completes the custom home additions you really want, and typically can make them even better than you imagined.

Considerations are plentiful, and sometimes you may not know where to begin your quest for the perfect custom creation that will be your home. Begin the heart of the home — the kitchen. Experienced professionals across many different industries such as designers, real estate professionals and contractors, all recommend beginning your home additions in the kitchen where you are more likely to see the biggest return on investment in your home. Typically, homeowners who centralize the work to their kitchen realize a return on their investment of up to 85 percent when selling their Spring Valley Washington DC or Foxhall Road Washington DC home.

Creating a custom home addition — specifically in the kitchen — should always look for the biggest bang for your buck; translated, this simply means the size of the kitchen. At one point in time, kitchens were mainly a place to prepare meals and little else. But as family life has evolved in the United States, including in the NW DC area, kitchens are now the heartbeat of the home and function as the central point of nearly all interaction. Working closely with your design build contractors to incorporate the features you want and need to function appropriately in your home is essential to not only enjoy the reward of the the kitchen remodeling, but also to seeing the largest return.

Serving customers throughout the Washington DC area, including NW DC, Bethesda, MD, Chevy Chase, MD, McLean, VA, Georgetown, Palisades, Spring Valley, Foxhall Road, Edgemoor and Wesley Heights, the design build team at Hanlon Design Build provide knowledge, vision and expertise in the home additions field. Give us a call today and start working toward your dream home and dream kitchen.

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