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What to look for in a Luxury Homes Builder in Washington, DC

What are the qualities of a luxury homes builder in Washington, DC?

Quality vs. Quantity
Unlike average homes, building luxury homes in Washington, DC requires double the effort, time, and money. As such, a true luxury home builder constructs only a few luxury homes per year.

Design & Build Process
An expert luxury homes builder in Washington, DC follows a unique set of plans for one particular home. They should be able to work well with architects. With Hanlon Design Build, the design build construction process typically is formed with a general contractor and a design professional, such as an architect or engineer, with additional design and construction professionals on the team as well. If an architect, designer or engineer is not on-staff, the general contractor typically enters into a contract with an individual or team of designers directly.

Communication & Relationships
Look for cooperative builders with whom you can establish a good working relationship with as it will be beneficial if you feel at ease, and keep the lines of communication open. The Hanlon Design Build method provides the customer with a single contact person to answer questions and be the point-person should a problem arise. This contact person also ensures that subcontractors and the entire contracting team understand the goals and desired final outcomes to avoid any communication problems and misunderstandings.

When you consider building a luxury home in Washington, DC, please contact the expert design build contractor team at Hanlon Design Build. Serving the area for more than 35 years, the Hanlon Design Build team can answer your questions and get you started on building the luxury home of your dreams.

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