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Technology Trends for Bathroom Remodeling in Washington DC

Hanlon Design Build is a leader in bathroom remodeling in Washington DC, and we want to share with you some important technology trends in Washington DC bathroom remodeling.

  • Your new toilet will have a lower flush-per-gallon rating than the one that’s in there now, and is likely to feature a 1.28 gallon-per-flush rating — better than even the most-recent 1.6 GPF toilets. Consider a dual-flush version, or any low-flow toilet coming on the market that meets your style preferences and has a WaterSense label. Some of the latest luxury toilets allow you to dock your Smart Phone or connect your Smart Pad directly with your speaker-equipped, high-tech toilet so you can entertain yourself on the commode. Kohler Numi toilets use this technology, with other models coming on the market soon.
  • You’ll be able to create a custom showering experience with programmable showers that let you digitally set your preferred water temperature, volume, and even massage settings before you step in. Luxury models may include a steam system, a Wi-Fi source for music, multiple body spray outlets, tankless water heater, and a secondary controller to start the system from another room. New shower heads — especially luxury rain shower models —are using Venturi principles that deliver strong water pressure by adding air, not water, to the mix.
  • Catch up on news and weather while you brush your teeth. Television screens are being integrated into medicine cabinets and vanity mirrors. You can also plug your smart phone or MP3 player into your medicine cabinet so you won’t miss a call or song while getting ready for work or bed. A built-in jack keeps your unit charged (and away from wet countertops) and linked into a built-in speaker system.

For more information on how to incorporate the latest technology trends into your bathroom remodeling in Washington DC, contact the professionals at Hanlon Design build today. Whether working from the ground up on new construction or remodeling your existing bathroom, our team of experts will create the bathroom of your dreams in Washington DC.

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