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Transforming Your Bathroom into a Digital Experience

By . February 27th, 2014. Posted in Bathroom remodeling, bathrooms, Washington DC

Bathroom remodeling trends of late include state-of-the-art technological features that bring convenience and sophistication to one of your home’s sanctuaries. If you’re looking to update your bathroom and make it as “smart” and cutting edge as the rest of your life, Hanlon Design Build pride ourselves on staying on top of trends and flexing our knowledge on the latest bathroom remodeling ideas and features for your home. Want a few technologically advanced ideas for your bathroom remodeling project?

Nowadays, showers are about more than water pressure. You can create a digital showering experience with your bathroom remodeling. Many clients are enjoying new luxuries thanks to steam systems, Wi-Fi sources for music, secondary controllers to start the water before you even enter your bathroom, and programmable settings for your water temperature and massage preference. Medicine cabinets are about more than storage, as they can house integrated television screens, built-in sound systems, and built-in jacks to charge your smart phone. Other high-tech bathroom remodeling ideas include digital bidets with self-sterilizing nozzles, touchless faucets, and intuitive toilets with self-opening and self-closing seats, as well as their own deodorizing system.

If you’re looking to transform your Bethesda, MD bathroom into a high-tech zone, contact Hanlon Design Build to discuss your bathroom remodeling ideas. We specialize in both functionality and beauty when it comes to bathroom remodeling.

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