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Planning a Simple Green Home Remodeling

By . June 15th, 2013. Posted in Uncategorized

Homes built today are 100% more energy-efficient than those built just 50 years ago. Environmentally sound construction techniques in home remodeling have dramatically altered the way we live. Planning a simple green home remodeling in Washington, DC can save money, better support your lifestyle, and help sustain the environment.

Better designed materials, following a “cradle-to-cradle” approach, and prolonged durability are key reasons why green home remodeling in Washington, DC is uniformly considered to be of superior quality and value.

The kitchen remains the pulsing heart of most homes. Include substantial islands for meal prep, cooking, and chatting with guests. Cook hearths, energy-efficient appliances, and unique light fixtures and systems are sought after accessories, while granite is now on par with Carrara marble as the choice for kitchen counter tops.

Bathrooms are more compact while retaining an open feel. Glass shower enclosures eliminate the need for walls, reduce unused floor space, and provide enhanced access.

Outdoor living spaces offer cooking areas, areas for eating, and casual seating for entertaining. They are covered so you can enjoy them on rainy days. Wired for lighting and electronics, featuring any option you can imagine, these spaces are essential for green home remodeling in Washington, DC.

Universal design meets ADA building standards for those with disabilities. These are improvements that make sense to do now for aging in place later, and are necessary for anyone with mobility or rehabilitation issues. For example, eliminating shower curbs, enhancing open floor plans, installing access ramps, and including bracing inside walls. In any green home remodeling in Washington, DC, plan for halls and transitional areas that allow for free wheelchair access.

Ceilings are recognized as an important design element, especially where light and heat are concerned. Architectural elements such as skylights, solar panels, barrel vaults, tray ceilings, and coffers add depth and texture and can reinvent interior spaces while saving energy.

Lighting has previously been overlooked as an essential design element. Options now allow for various styles, beautiful finishes, and energy-efficient lighting technology to complement any green home remodeling in Washington, DC.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems keeps your home healthy and comfortable. You depend on your heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation system more than any other equipment (except your vehicle) to keep you healthy. And, since indoor air quality is an increasingly critical focus for home builders, it is good to note that  95% of large volume commercial home builders include features that impact indoor air quality. Plan to spend a considerable amount of your green remodeling budget on a state-of-the-art air quality control and distribution system, which includes a dehumidifier, humidifier, HEPA purification/filtration, and sensors for specific gases like radon and carbon monoxide.

When you plan green remodeling in Washington, DC, remember to consider these simple suggestions to achieve greater home harmony and money saving value for your green remodeling investment.

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