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Kitchen Remodeling Should Focus On Form and Function

By . December 12th, 2011. Posted in custom remodeling, kitchen remodeling

Get the most out of your Foxhall Road Washington DC kitchen remodeling project by planning accurately, after studying your needs thoroughly. You should never jump into a kitchen remodeling project and just see what happens as you move along; a successful kitchen remodeling is outlined and detailed. You should know what the end result will look like, and work toward that goal throughout the kitchen remodeling.

Most homeowners in Foxhall Road Washington DC know about the benefits of a gourmet kitchen; but they also know about the price tag that is attached to it. While that may not be a deterrent to some, others may hesitate. You should however not rule-out the idea of turning the best concepts of a gourmet kitchen into your home kitchen. One reason gourmet kitchens are so coveted is the functionality of its design.

Studies have shown chefs — both professional and at-home cooks — are more productive and produce better results when the flow of their kitchen works well. For example, all of the preparation items you need should be within easy reach. If cooking, you should be able to access the refrigerator, pantry and sink quickly without walking away from the hot stove.

With that in mind, work closely with our interior designer, Chryssa Wolfe to design your kitchen remodel in a similar fashion. Placement of cabinets, appliances and the water source all impact the flow and ease-of-use of the kitchen itself. Rather than hindering your work, make cooking an enjoyable experience through kitchen remodeling and design.

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