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Finding Qualified Builders for Green Home Remodeling in Washington, DC

By . March 27th, 2013. Posted in green home, green remodeling, Washington DC

Many homeowners and potential homeowners look to the construction industry for guidelines and resources regarding environmentally sound practices and assistance in finding qualified builders for green home remodeling in Washington, DC. So how do you know the builder you select is the most qualified to offer green building practices and products?

The explosion of green building over the past two decades has been haphazard, at best. However, there are now comprehensive industry standards consumers can use to locate green builders and remodelers with the certification, knowledge, and capabilities to build and remodel eco-friendly homes in Washington, DC.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) offers comprehensive training, certification, and resources to the building industry to promote eco-friendly homes. According to their website, they provide “independent, third-party verification that a home … is designed and built to achieve high performance in six key areas: Site Design, Resource Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Building Operation & Maintenance.”

In addition, the NAHB also acts as a third-party in approving products and materials used by the industry. Their Home Innovation Research Labs not only test and certify products to meet the rigorous standards needed for green home renovation and construction, they also provide essential knowledge to the green remodelers and builders on how to properly use and install those products.

One of the best ways to explore your options is to look at the websites and completed projects from the green remodeler or builder you are considering. As a starting point, we recommend investigating green building practices commonly used by the industry. A “whole systems,” or “whole house” approach is best. This involves obtaining green certification levels at various stages of the construction process:

  • Outdoor and Site
  • Waste Management
  • Building Envelope and Systems
  • Mechanicals
  • Electrical and Lighting
  • Plumbing Systems and Fixtures
  • Finish Materials

Using a comprehensive, holistic planning and design process assures each of the construction phases and systems are completed in accordance with certified green home remodeling standards. So do your homework and use the vast resources available. You will see that finding qualified builders for green home remodeling in Washington, DC is easier than you thought, and results in more eco-friendly living than you ever dreamed possible.

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