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Envisioning the “Smart” Home for Your Next Custom Renovation

By . January 28th, 2014. Posted in Uncategorized

These days, everyone expects to get things done with a few clicks on their phone. Smart technologies are expanding significantly from phones to other tools, changing the way we live and our social norms on a dramatic scale. Managing the home environment, from comfort to security to health, is one area that is seeing a big boon with clients seeking many new smart systems and appliances in their custom home renovations and custom home builds. Some examples of how things are changing:

Home Appliances

Smartphone applications allow owners to monitor and adjust appliance settings remotely. Personal sensor technology will be used to tell when owners are near the home to turn on lights, bump up the heat and make adjustments to other appliances and comfort settings. Refrigerators of the future will be able to identify what’s in the fridge, whether it’s expired and place orders for items that need to be replaced.

Home Security

Full home automation systems are getting increasing pick. Smartphone applications again are allowing users to see if there are any challenges or breeches to the system. Homeowners are using these to monitor and interact with their alarms systems, even with the door, window, garage and gate locking systems.

Home Health

The green building push has been leading the way for “health-centric”  homes. Green materials include improved paints, finishes and trims, carpeting, treated lumber and other products that produce no toxic off-gassing or other concerns. State-of-the-art air and water purification systems make sure our core needs are as healthy as possible. Circadian lighting systems can be designed to provide energizing light in the morning, melatonin-enhancing light in the evenings and black-out shading at night.  Posture supportive flooring systems – for example, with corking underneath wood – can provide protection for  athletes and others as they age.

These new features can be complex to implement without extensive renovations or building a new home from scratch. Hanlon Design Build has vast experience in complex renovations and custom builds utilizing the most current materials and technologies for a green, healthy, sophisticated and secure home.

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