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Kitchen Remodeling Trends in Washington DC Homes for 2013

By . December 31st, 2012. Posted in custom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, Washington DC

In 2013 we see design trends that reflect the growing popularity of cooking, eating, and entertaining at home. Homeowners are having more fun entertaining friends in homes, spending more time with their families, and take their home cooking seriously – which requires professional, ergonomic, attractive and functional kitchen designs. If this is the kind of kitchen you want, you’ll need to undertake kitchen remodeling in your Washington DC home.

Here are few modern kitchen trends 2013 that will give you some food for thought.

  • Custom made kitchen designs in Art Deco, classic or country style, that combine beautiful wood and glass, stainless steel and leather like materials, unique furniture, stainless steel appliances  or retro stoves and crystal lighting fixtures, are latest trends for 2013 exclusive kitchen interiors.
  • Modern kitchens in classic style, white kitchen cabinets and dining furniture with carved wood decorations, open shelves and ceramic or glass decor, retro kitchen faucets and wooden kitchen island designs with dining peninsulas are timeless design trends that in 2013 will be popular, appreciated and enjoyed by many people.
  • Solid wood kitchen cabinets and exotic woods for interior decorating create luxurious modern kitchens, spiced up with crystal chandeliers and enhanced by dining furniture, made with upholstery fabrics that match colors and mimic textures of granite or marble countertops and kitchen islands tops.
  • Neutral and rich colors, strong contrasts, crystal lighting and matching horizontal surfaces are gorgeous and impressive kitchen design trends 2013 that will add the “Boho chic” to modern kitchen interiors in classic style.
  • Retro kitchen designs in 50s and 60s styles with classic kitchen cabinets, vintage furniture, redesigned and repurposed decor items or lighting fixtures, mixed with decorative accents in steampunk style, are exciting and creative kitchen design trends for 2013.
  • 3D textured wall panels and abstract decoration patterns are latest design trends in kitchen cabinets, islands and wall designs.

For more information and ideas on how to take kitchen remodeling in your Washington DC home to the next level in2013 with custom design and additions, please contact the kitchen remodeling experts in Washington DC at Hanlon Design Build today.


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