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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For Your Georgetown Home

By . December 8th, 2011. Posted in custom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, Uncategorized

With so many ideas and so little space in each blog post, we decided to continue our series of kitchen remodeling tips and trends. When you work with the best team in the business -our team at Hanlon Design Build of course – you only get the best results with the best ideas crafted from the best materials. Now, on to our kitchen remodeling tips and ideas.

Breaking up the horizontal lines created by the cabinets provides a more open and flowing feel, rather than a rigid and static as older homes tend to look. Create this appeal through staggering the height, length and depth of the kitchen cabinets you install during your kitchen remodeling project. Also consider added a plate rack, open shelf or other linear design element between two tall cabinets to break it up even further.

Create a dramatic visual appeal by varying the height of your cabinets and counter tops as well. Even though most Bethesda MD homeowners believe it’s true, there really is not a law that says all counters and cabinets must be the same height. Simply lowering a cooktop by four to six inches and surrounding it with a granite counter at least one-foot on either side breaks up the monotony, and provides a more ergonomic surface for many at-home chefs.

Use your custom kitchen remodeling project as an opportunity to turn your kitchen into an at-home bakery. Create a baking center featuring a work surface at 30- or 32-inches. This adjusted height typically provides a more comfortable height for using baking tools like rolling pins and hand-held mixers. For a truly custom experience, create the baking station at your waist height rather than a standard height.

Mix things up in your custom NW DC kitchen by using more than one color of paint, stain or decorative finish on your cabinets. Consider using a light wood stain for some cabinets and accent those with a dark stain or even barn-red for a great contrast. If you prefer a rustic look, choose a distressed and antiqued finish for strategically chosen cabinets. Work with our in-house interior designer, Chryssa Wolfe, to create the truly custom, luxury newly remodeled kitchen.

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