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Create A Truly Custom Luxury Home With Interior Design

By . November 11th, 2011. Posted in Uncategorized

When you build a custom, luxury home in NW Washington DC, you want it to stand-apart from the crowd. This can be achieved through a variety of techniques, but working with a skilled professional interior designer provides the touches that will make your home one-of-a-kind. Cookie cutter houses are perfectly nice, but a home designed by an interior designer provides the best of everything — color choices that coordinate, materials that compliment and structural designs that wow your guests.

Chryssa Wolfe worked recently worked closely with NW Washington, DC clients to create a home that was uniquely theirs. She says, “When I first saw the spaces that our client wanted me to redesign, we quickly understood the challenges before me.”

The home had a large space that was built on to their home that was simply dysfunctional. Architecturally it was off balance. The height of the ceilings in relationship to the floor space did not feel right. After pencil paper sessions with the client, our challenges were behind us.

Putting our plan into action, we tore off the roof, added dormers, new windows and doors as well as a screened porch off to the side facing the pool. This new footprint led us to a new patio and outside kitchen to enhance outdoor living by the pool.

What we did with the interior was driven by the desire and taste of the home owner. She wanted color and a fresh inviting concept for the new spaces. We are all thrilled with the results. This was a wonderful project with a great family and good taste.

Let us help you with your home renovations or custom home design for new construction. We are here to help and love any challenge you can throw our way.


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