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Choose The Right Kitchen Appliances For Your 2012 Kitchen Remodeling Project

By . January 12th, 2012. Posted in kitchen remodeling

Homeowners in the NW DC and Palisades Washington DC, area often want help from us designing their new luxury kitchen during a remodeling project. We give advice and the cabinets, flooring, fixtures, sinks and the backsplash by request, but in most cases, our clients do not think about the appliances that will be installed. We decided it was time to provide general assistance in that area as well. Use these tips to choose the right kitchen appliances for your Foxhall Road Washington DC home and you will be happy and satisfied for years to come.

  • Choose a refrigerator based on your lifestyle rather than the bells and whistles a particular model offers. Evaluate your needs and how your family lives and really think about how many times you cook and eat from home, the number of people living in the home, and exactly how much cold storage you need. Obviously, the more people in the home, the larger capacity you will need, which may also contribute to some of the other amenities you’d like your refrigerator to offer. For example, dual refrigeration, energy efficiency, in-door ice and water and on-door controls may make your large family life easier. However, singles and those who rarely cook at home may opt for a smaller style refrigerator for their luxury kitchen remodel to allow for additional space for other elements. Wine lovers may choose a model with a built-in wine cooler to accommodate that facet of their lives.
  • An oven or stove should be chosen based on some of the same considerations — along with a few others as well. Again, look at your lifestyle and purchase an oven based on what you need. If you are an experienced cook, you may opt for a model that offers a professional quality cooking experience. However, if you have trouble boiling water, you may instead choose a more basic design. Bakers may want to include an additional built-in oven, but if energy conservation is your primary goal, you are likely better suited for a conventional oven rather than a convection oven. The energy source you choose is also tied to your cooking preference and experience level. For example, an electric stove slowly heats-up which is very forgiving for inexperienced cooks, while a gas stove provides instant heat that is preferred by many expert at-home chefs.

For more information on choosing the right kitchen appliance for your Washington DC area kitchen remodeling project, consult our experts and know you can trust their opinions. Kitchen remodeling can rejuvenate your entire home and should be approached with an open — but focused — mind. Let us help you gain that open-minded focus today.


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