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Tips for Building A Green, Luxury Home in the Washington D.C. Area

When building a custom luxury home in the Washington DC area, you do not have to sacrifice the benefits of environmentally friendly construction. Luxury and green home building can go hand-in-hand when working with the right green home builders and designers. Taking into account more than just the bottom line, working with an experienced design build contractor you can harness the benefits of green home building while maintaining your desire for a luxury home.

Tip for building a green, luxury home #1: Consider your energy use. Assess your current energy use and look for ways to reduce your energy dependence. Work with your design build contractor to incorporate the added touches to create your custom home that do not detract from your energy conservation efforts.

Tip for building a green, luxury home #2:  Include solar panels in the design of your custom luxury home. Working closely with the design-build contractor, talk about the benefits of solar panels and how best to incorporate them in your design without detracting from its appearance. Solar energy is clean and pure, and the latest technology in solar panels also allow for the storage of extra energy for use at a later date.

Tip for building a green, luxury home #3: Use motion sensor lighting for both indoors and outdoors. The added benefit of motion sensor lighting your custom, luxury home will never be overlooked. Imagine walking into a room and the light automatically comes in, and then turns off once you leave. One bonus feature of motion sensor lights is the burglar deterrent aspect. As soon as a would-be thief walks into your home – or breaks the window out to enter – the lights will automatically come on and give the appearance of someone in the room.

For more tips on how to create the green home of your dreams, contact the area’s premier green design build contractor team at Hanlon Design Build. Serving the elite communities of NW DC and the surrounding areas, your dreams will become a reality when you choose to work with us.

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